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Easter Basket Supreme

Easter Basket Supreme

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An impressive selection of Easter favorites in a linen-lined willow basket

The "Bunny Box" Filled with Jelly Beans & Foiled Chocolate Eggs
A Box of Handmade Cream Chocolates with Easter Decorations
4 Assorted Chocolate Bars with Retro Easter Wrapper Designs
6 Hand Decorated Easter Shortbread Cookies
A Large Chip'n Dipped™ Chocolate Sitting Bunny 10" Tall
A Chip'n Dipped™ Chocolate Furry Bunny
6 Large Chocolate Eggs Filled with Peanut Butter, Caramel, or Raspberry
A Half-Pound of Bite-Sized Filled Chocolate Eggs in Easter Foil
6 Chocolate Covered Crisp & Salty Pretzel Twists
2 Chocolate Covered Easter Decorated Oreo Sandwich Cookies
A Box of Chip'n Dipped™ Handmade Salted Caramels
A Bag of SuperChunkyMunchie™ Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
2 Big Fat Chocolate Carrots in Orange and Green Foil

All items individually packaged for freshness.

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